Lawn Care

A full treatment program consists of balanced fertilizer, broadleaf weed control, crabgrass control and grub control.  A properly balanced fertilizer program is beneficial for your lawn’s healthy growth and appearance.  

We recommend the following lawn applications:

EARLY SPRING: This application is a balanced fertilizer which aids in thickening as well as “greening-up” of turf grass.  It includes a pre-emergent herbicide which helps prevent the germination of Crabgrass.  If needed, a broadleaf weed control may be applied to control active broadleaf weeds. 

SPRING: This application contains a complete and balanced fertilizer to help sustain and stabilize turf grass growth.  At this time, a liquid broadleaf herbicide is applied to the entire lawn to help control broadleaf weeds such as Dandelion, Plantains, Veronica, Chickweed, Clover , Ground Ivy and many others.

EARLY SUMMER: This application contains a balanced fertilizer to help maintain a thick, healthy green lawn.  At this time we spot treat any existing weeds present in the lawn.

GRUB CONTROL: This application will provide season long white grub control for your lawn and is applied the same day as the Early Summer Application.

LATE SUMMER: This application consists of a carefully selected dry fertilizer that is safe for hot summer periods when special care is needed and is used to ensure that the lawn does not “stress out” while helping to maintain a plush green lawn.  Inspection and spot application of broadleaf herbicide helps keep weeds under control.

FALL:  This application contains a balanced fertilizer to help maintain the deep green color and fullness achieved throughout the season.  At this time, a liquid herbicide is applied as needed to control any broadleaf weeds that are present.

WINTERIZER:  This application is a balanced fertilizer designed to strengthen the root system of your lawn.  This will also help the plant survive the long winter months ahead.